Homeworks are piling up ! Classes are getting too boring, My room is becoming narrower, My Hair !! Oh so dry…oh! Because of this, that, Due to bad day, mood, Because she, he………. Okay Stop !!!

I am responsible !

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No one can put pressure to plants to make its flowers bloom.

It does in its own way and when it does, it gives it’s best color.

As an observer, we never miss to be part of its beautiful season.

We give water and manure on time and give our time as needed. The plant knows what, how and when to do in nature in its own way.


Joy is never far if we know where it is

To see life unfolding before very eyes is the most jouful thing on earth. It gave me much happiness to see this tiny majestic being taking the taste of its life.


Always i find the being within brighten up in the presence of nature’s green. Any ailments of body or mind slowly seems to fix by its own accord and newness to gradually get refilled. The air that comes through their presence seems to carry their unknown healing power.

As i get up after being with them for long, all the heavyness are gone as if i have emerged from heavy garments i had been wearing whole day.

So, for me, Nature green is always the soothing and healing medicine.